Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lady Mayor vs Gov. Christie

If I had not just finished reading the book, The Goldfinch, whose message is that doing the wrong thing often turns out to be the right thing, and doing the right thing can turn out to be wrong, I probably would never have looked at the story told by Dawn Zimmer in the light I do. I listened to her story, and I believe her story, but it is not the whole story. It seems like everyone is so eager to tear down Christie, that no one is bothering to ask what the impact of her actions have been to the city of Hoboken. I am talking about the effects of her dragging her feet on the whole redevelopment story in Hoboken. There was the area of Hoboken that seemed to be in need of redevelopment there was an offer from a group with a sterling reputation to go to work on it, but it seemed the mayor felt it needed a study. There was no money for the study, so no spade was turned.When the money appeared to fund the study, there was more foot dragging, over the connection of the money with the people who wanted to do the work, and even the suspicion of something wrong since the only part of the development that got approval right now, was the part owned by the ’suspicious” group. 

You want to do some real investigative reporting, look for the story behind the story. Why the foot dragging on something that had to have had a most positive lift to the city of Hoboken. Why is no one questioning the dollar damage this woman has potentially done to the whole city, by her questioning everything, from one thing to another while nothing got done. It may not be as glamorous as finding some dirt to attack Chris Christie with, but it is a far more important story. 

Maybe you can help educate the electorate by showing the damage done by putting too much strength in the hands of the do gooders, who don’t fully comprehend the damage they can be doing while saving us from something that may not even be a danger. I think of those who have fought against inoculating children, of fluoridating water, by defeating planned parenthood, not allowing harvesting of dead trees so they were wasted and then became fire hazards. The list is endless. 

What made our business world flourish in our country as opposed to how things were done in so many places in this world was the ability of someone to be able to get a tax number and start a business. It was simple, at least it used to be, we were always “shovel ready.” Not any more, not with people like Mayor Dawn, for all her good intentions.She has admired Gov. Christie in the past because he was a man who got things done. Does she not see how her actions have had negative effects on her community?

I have voted for Democrats almost always, but not with blind allegiance. I grew up in a business family, and I understand the importance of those who create what we need. We all need regulating, we are humans and fallible, but just as we can kill by not saying “you must inoculate”. we can kill what we need, by over regulating. Look for the story behind the story.

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